Managing the Effects of Social Media on Teen Girls

Frequent social media use has been found to disproportionately impact teen girls’ mental health more negatively than teen boys. Mental health outcomes include cyberbullying, lack of sleep and negative self-image.

Racial Trauma in Film: How Viewers Can Address Re-traumatization

Two concepts that have historically been overlooked in mental health are re-traumatization by film and racial trauma. Learn how the two relate.

Mental Illness and Violence: How to Push Back on Dangerous Narratives

Media often perpetuates the myth that mental illness is tied to violence. How can individuals be more critical of the content they consume?

Counseling@Northwestern Faculty Present on Timely Issues at American Psychological Association Convention

At this year’s American Psychological Association Convention, Counseling@Northwestern faculty presented on a wide range of topics.

Inclusive Language Guide

The way we use language shows respect and understanding or a lack thereof. This guide offers inclusive language recommendations for various areas of life. 

How to Endure Forced Separation as a Couple

Counseling@Northwestern sat down with Dr. Donna Baptiste to discuss the effects of forced separation on loved ones and how counseling can help couples.