Dr. Nate Perron Leads Training on How to Support the Mental Health for Law Enforcement

To help address the overlooked mental health needs of first responders, Dr. Nate Perron participated in a skills training for counselors and professionals in the field.

How Counseling Can Help After a Concussion

A concussion impacts physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Counseling can help an individual move toward a vision of healthy, holistic recovery.

Addressing Suicide Among First Responders: How Colleagues, Friends, and Family Can Help

Repeated exposure to death and destruction can lead to serious mental health conditions for first responders. Learn how to help.

Pushing Back on Perfectionism: How to Be Happily Imperfect

While the human drive for perfection can be a catalyst for success, pushing too hard over time can be destructive and even lead to mental illness.

Supporting Students in Recovery on College Campuses

Allies play an important role on college campuses helping students in recovery. Dr. Eric Beeson provides guidance on how to offer support to peers.

Core Faculty Member Eric Beeson Named to Science Advisory Board

Counseling@Northwestern core faculty member Dr. Eric Beeson will examine the scientific understanding of resilience among individuals and communities.