New Student Checklist

The new student checklist is a comprehensive list of everything you need to complete to be ready for your first week of classes.

  • Complete the orientation welcome call.
  • Complete your placement form(s).
  • Log in to your 2NU account, create your profile, and add a picture.
  • Find the orientation courses (program and placement) in 2NU, and complete orientation prior to the start of classes.
    • Introduce yourself on the orientation wall.
  • Download the 2NU app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Print, sign, and return the IT security agreement (a separate email will be sent by student support).
  • Follow all instructions in the email sent from The Graduate School with the subject line “Northwestern NetID and Email Activation.”
  • Put your request in for your Wildcard.
  • Accept or deny your student health insurance plan in CAESAR.
  • Finalize your financial aid. (Financial aid information will be sent to your Northwestern email address.)
  • Look out for emails from student support regarding:
    • Registration
    • Book lists for your courses

Week Prior to Classes

Student receive access to their courses in 2NU one week prior to the start of classes. To access your coursework, log into 2NU and begin working on unit one as well as reviewing the syllabus. It is required that all students come to class prepared to their first live session.

For students registered for Practicum I, upload your liability insurance to the Practicum course in 2NU.