Student Stories

Why Counseling@Northwestern?

Learn why three students found the Counseling@Northwestern online experience to be essential to their development as clinical mental health counselors.

Gino Titus-Luciano, ’16

“Everything has surprised me about being in this program. The ease of the technology, the professors, and the intimacy have shown me that it’s genuine. The school’s prestige also provided the pedigree I was looking for.

Building meaningful relationships online doesn’t seem easy to do. Through our sessions, though, we’ve become really close. My favorite thing about the program is going on retreats. Meeting people in person after knowing them for half a year online really says something and makes me feel close to my group.”

Parfait Kanam, ’16

“I really appreciate how I got to dive in immediately after starting the program. The early clinical experiences [as a full-time student] set the foundation of how and what I am trying to pursue after I complete the program. Being able to apply what I learned in class already makes a positive impact on my skills and being able to help my clients.

“The support from the placement team was really phenomenal because I didn’t have to do a lot of the work related to searching for my placement site. I didn’t have to check if the site was close to my home or not. They just did all of the work for me and made sure that I had the right place to go to—a place where I could learn.”

Sara Witzler, ’16

“The reflective practitioner experience was a key component to choosing this program. It helped me see where I was and then take my clients there as well. The exploration of emotions really helped me understand emotions in a complex way and how they’ve affected my own life.

“When I enrolled in Counseling@Northwestern, I knew I’d go through an emotional journey that would be critical to my development as a counselor. I’ve learned more about myself in that experience than I have in my 35 years.

Where Can Counseling@Northwestern Take You?

Join Gino, Parfait, and Sara, and chart your own path to helping others as a mental health counselor.

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