Counseling@Northwestern Faculty Present on Timely Issues at American Psychological Association Convention

At this year’s American Psychological Association Convention, Counseling@Northwestern faculty presented on a wide range of topics.

Helping Counseling Students Prevent Self-Sabotage

Learn how counseling students can avoid pushing themselves to the point of mental and physical exhaustion.

Inclusive Language Guide

The way we use language shows respect and understanding or a lack thereof. This guide offers inclusive language recommendations for various areas of life. 

How to Endure Forced Separation as a Couple

Counseling@Northwestern sat down with Dr. Donna Baptiste to discuss the effects of forced separation on loved ones and how counseling can help couples.

Counseling@Northwestern Grad Reflects on Her Second AMHCA Conference

Counseling@Northwestern graduate Jennifer Reckner shares her experience attending this year’s AMHCA conference in the nation’s capital.

The Opera Reflections: Honor, Violence, and Cultural Norms in Modern Society

The second in a series of articles on mental health themes in opera explores concepts of honor and violence.