Interfaces and Technology

This page outlines the different platforms you will use in the Counseling@Northwestern program and provides guidance you as you register for all necessary system and technology requirements for the program.


CAESAR is the main university account, used for all administrative needs in the program, including:

  • Class registration
  • Clearing holds
  • Health insurance
  • Emergency contact information
  • Financial aid information
  • Paying your bill

Access to CASEAR is provided seven to 10 days after you enroll in the program. An email will be provided with instructions on how to activate your NetID and email account. In order to receive financial aid information, you must set up your university email account.

Northwestern Email

Throughout your time in the program, your student support adviser will send important correspondence through email. Once you have set up your Northwestern email account, it will become the primary account for all email communication from Northwestern and student support, including registration information. Set up your email using this link.


Your 2NU account is your main account for course materials and academic resources throughout the program. Shortly after enrolling in the program, you will receive an email in your personal email account to access your 2NU account. Once you receive this email, you can immediately access the student orientation course.

Student support will provide your login credentials shortly after you enroll in the program. Your account will already be set up—all you need to do is log in. Note that these are different credentials from other accounts, so you will need to set up a new password.

Once you are logged in, you will immediately have access to: 

  • Student Orientation Course
    • A three-to-four-hour self-paced course, this is an introduction to the Counseling@Northwestern program structure and technology. It offers step-by-step instructions on joining your live class sessions as well as policies and student reflections. You are required to complete this course before you begin your regular coursework.
  • Placement Orientation Course
    • A one-to-two-hour self-paced course, this is an introduction to the placement process and policies. You are required to complete this course before your first day of classes.

After registering for courses, you will see your registered coursework appear one week prior to the start of the term. Be sure to log in and view your coursework as soon as it is available, as all week one content and assignments must be completed prior to your first live class session.


Counseling@Northwestern partners with Time2Track, a system that allows you to electronically track your clinical hours and get them approved by your site supervisor. This system will also be used as a hub for your fieldwork contract and placement evaluations.

You will be required to set up your account using an authorization key based on your curriculum.

To set up your account before the start of classes, follow the instructions below:

Full Time

  1. Access the form and complete it with your information.
  2. Enter authorization key AATR-3736-YUVB-6266 in order for your account to be associated with the Counseling@Northwestern program.

*This system will not cost you anything, so be sure to follow the steps with the authorization key rather than a credit card.

  1. Click “Finish.”

Part Time

  1. Access the form and complete it with your information.
  2. Enter authorization key FXYE-5563-WQWS-6388.
  3. Click “Finish.”

Our quick start guide will help you with the basics of getting started with Time2Track: Download the Time2Track quick start guide (select the guide appropriate for your program).

If you have questions, contact


As a student in the Counseling@Northwestern program, you will use SharePoint to securely upload client videos. Complete these steps before attempting to access any resources of The Family Institute (TFI). Review all information and instructions to help you get started with our information systems.

You will be provided with a TFI email address that will be used to access SharePoint. Your username will be your first initial followed by your last name. Examples:

  • Username: nsmith
  • TFI email:

Your default password is Family2017! and is case sensitive. It must be changed at the time of self-registration.

Register your account on the TFI website’s self-service registration page.

  • Click the link that says “TFI-Password Self-Service.”
  • Sign in with your username and default password.
  • Change your password, and click “next” to proceed to the registration page.
  • Follow the procedure to establish security questions and answers to set up your account. You can confirm or change the information in this page by clicking “update.”

To access SharePoint, click here. Log in to SharePoint using your full TFI email address, e.g.,, and your new password.

Once you have completed these steps, go to the clinical service menu and click on “Family Clinic.” You will see your folder. You will then be able to upload or drag and drop documents into your folder.