Core Faculty Member Eric Beeson Named to Science Advisory Board

Counseling@Northwestern, the online Master of Arts in Counseling program from The Family Institute at Northwestern University, is excited to announce that core faculty member Dr. Eric Beeson has been named to the Science Advisory Board for Hello Driven, an Australian company that aims to be the leading facilitator of resilience in people and to build thriving and compassionate organizations and communities.  

Hello Driven offers:

  • Resilience training through an AI-powered virtual coach
  • Resilience assessments for individuals to measure their resilience level
  • Resilience coach certification
  • Programs for groups and organizations to promote resilience

The Science Advisory Board, on which Dr. Beeson will serve, is focused on research related to the program, specifically examining the scientific understanding of resilience to achieve better outcomes for individuals and the overall community. Dr. Beeson will help develop the theoretical model of resilience, refine the framework, enhance the delivery mechanisms, and evaluate the validity of the model.

“I had wanted to shift my research focus to something broader, something with value to both clinical and non-clinical populations, so when this opportunity came along, it made perfect sense,” said Dr. Beeson, whose focus on applied neuroscience and assessments aligns with the group’s focus on research.

Dr. Beeson is looking forward to beginning this research, which will also open opportunities to Counseling@Northwestern students.

“In addition to the research to develop the model, we also have the opportunity to do some in-house research that provides students access to this innovative platform that will hopefully benefit them as students, counselors in training, and people,” he said. 

Throughout his career as a counselor, Dr. Beeson has held many leadership positions at a number of prestigious professional organizations. In June, he was selected as president-elect of the American Mental Health Counselors Association. In this new role, Dr. Beeson is planning to continue the promotion of neuroscience-informed practice by creating advanced standards and establishing a neuroscience interest network. Learn more about his goals for his new role by reading an interview that Counseling@Northwestern recently conducted with Dr. Beeson about this impressive achievement. 

Citation for this content: Northwestern University’s online Master of Arts in Counseling program.