Dr. Chaiqua A. Harris, PhD, NCC

Clinical Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Chaiqua A. Harris is currently a Core Teaching Faculty member at Northwestern University. She has had 8 years of experience as a professor. Also, Dr. Harris has worked as a middle school counselor, high school counselor, private behavior interventionist, and adolescent offender therapist. She obtained a doctorate of philosophy in Counselor Education from Mississippi State University. Her research interests include: academic self-efficacy, ethnic identity, African American women who hold the doctorate, African-American hair, sexual orientations, gender differences, socioeconomic status, academic performance, children/adolescents and the impact of nutrition on mental health, and oppressed populations. She is an AAAA licensed professional school counselor for the state of Mississippi and is also a National Certified Counselor. She has presented at several local, regional, and national counseling conferences as well as published multiple scholarly journal articles.

Recent Presentations and Publications:

Mylroie, R., Whitaker, R., Panel, M.B., Harris, C.A., Selby, A., & Strickland, A. (2020, September). The Nutrition and Mental Health Connection: A Pilot Study. Virtual Presentation: Association for Creativity Counseling Conference 2020.

Johnson, L., McMurtery, R., Branson, R., Harris, C.A., Brown, F., Brown, J., Frizell, V., Johnson, I. Berry, T., & O’Quinn, F., (2019, November). Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Lessons Learned from Jackson State University. Presentation at 2019 Mid-South Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Williams, N., Harris, C.A.& Jones, D. (2019, October). Experiences of Sexism & Racism Among Women of Color Who Hold The Doctorate: A Heuristic Inquiry. Presentation at The 19th Annual Diversity Challenge: “Race, Culture, & WHMP: A Survival, Resistance, and Healing in The Current Social Climate”, Boston, MA; Boston College.

Harris, C.A., Harlason, A., Reid, H, McAdoo, M., Hopkins, R., Cotton, A.S., Brown, E., & Brown, F.K. (2019, April). The Importance of Integrative Care: From Mental Health Trainee’s Perspectives. Presentation at the 38th Annual F.E. Woodall Spring Conference for the Helping Professions, Delta State, MS.

Mylroie, R., Pannel, M.B., Harris, C.A., & Burns, M. (2019, April). Growing Together Project. Presentation at the 38th Annual F.E. Woodall Spring Conference for the Helping Professions, Delta State, MS.

Jenkins, P., Hernandez, P., & Harris, C. A. (2020). African American college students drinking behaviors and its relationship to self-efficacy and positive or negative expectancies regarding alcohol consumption. Behavioral Sciences.

Harris, C.A., Balkin, R., & Hall, K. (2018). The impact of academic self-efficacy, ethnic identity, sex and socioeconomic status on academic performance. Journal of Professional Counseling, 44(2), 2-13.

Woo, H. Cauley, B. Junfei, & Harris, C. A. (2017) Professional identity development in counseling professionals. Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation, 8(1), 15-30.

Harris, C.A., & Mylorie, R.M. (2016). Ethnic identity and the adolescent’s academic performance. VISTAS 2016.

Harris, C.A., Hall, K., & Johnson, L. (2016). Socioeconomic status impact on academic success. Journal of Rural Education Policy and Practice, 9(1).

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