Leadership & Faculty

“Our staff and our student body and our faculty are diverse in a lot of ways. Not just theoretically, not just experientially, but from a cultural standpoint. We are a very diverse faculty.” — Dr. Eric Beeson, Core Faculty

“I think the faculty has been phenomenal. They’ve been really caring, genuinely caring about who their students are and what their goals and aspirations and what their interests are.” — Gina Martin, ‘17

Counseling@Northwestern faculty have both the experience and the determination to help you find your Northwestern Direction as you develop your counseling skills and pursue your unique path to helping those in need. You will learn directly from professors who are not only active practitioners but also leaders within key organizations such as the American Counseling Association and contributors to influential publications such as the Journal of Mental Health Counseling.

As Counseling@Northwestern faculty have pursued their own Northwestern Direction, they have developed expertise in a wide range of theoretical perspectives and interest areas, including sport psychology, neurocounseling, substance misuse and recovery, psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness. This breadth of knowledge, combined with their dedication to your success, will prepare you to become a well-rounded counselor who works effectively with diverse clients.

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