Lisa Payne

Lisa Payne is a wellness expert here in Chicago. After working as a TV producer at the ABC affiliate KCRG TV9 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Lisa decided to move back to her hometown of Chicago. She began teaching fitness classes and personal training in order to pay her tuition while completing her MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Out of this seemingly serendipitous collaboration developed a career as a fitness writer/editor and celebrity personal trainer.

Lisa’s passion for building strength and self-confidence in others motivated her to start her own company, Lisa Payne Fitness. In addition to personal training, Lisa is a Certified Level 1 Forrest Yoga Instructor and Schwinn certified indoor cycling instructor. She is a health and wellness spokesperson and has fitness partnerships that include being a Fabletics Master for Kate Hudson’s athletic line Fabletics, and a brand ambassadorship with ASICS and LARABAR. She has also worked with Nike, Lululemon, ActivMotion Bar, and CLIF Bar

On screen, Lisa has been featured on two episodes of CW’s Reluctantly Healthy with actress Judy Greer. She has also been seen on Yahoo! Screen, ABC 7 Chicago, and NBC 5 Chicago. Her writing credits include Counseling@Northwestern, Fitness Republic, Livestrong, Today’s Chicago Woman magazine, Cheeky Chicago, Fabletics blog, and on her own blog

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys active expeditions that include surfing, zip-lining, or hiking. On the weekends, Lisa can be found out with friends for dinner and cocktails, enjoying a concert, visiting the Art Institute of Chicago, exploring the Lincoln Park Zoo, or just home relaxing on the couch with her dog Hunter.

For more information contact Lisa at


Facebook: Lisa Payne Fitness

Twitter: @PayneTrainsIL

Instagram: LisaPayneFitness

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