Supporting Students in Recovery on College Campuses

Allies play an important role on college campuses helping students in recovery. Dr. Eric Beeson provides guidance on how to offer support to peers.

Counseling@Northwestern Attends the 2018 International Association for Counselling Annual Conference

This September, Counseling@Northwestern faculty and students presented at the 2018 International Association for Counselling Annual Conference in Rome. 

Core Faculty Member Eric Beeson Named to Science Advisory Board

Counseling@Northwestern core faculty member Dr. Eric Beeson will examine the scientific understanding of resilience among individuals and communities.

Supporting the Physical and Mental Health of New and Expectant Black Mothers

Black women often face serious physical and mental health challenges during pregnancy. Addressing discrimination in care cannot be overlooked.

How to Identify an Exercise Addiction and Intervene

Excessive exercise can sometimes lead to a behavioral addiction with serious consequences. Learn how to spot the signs and adjust unhealthy behaviors.

New ABC TV Show Shows Promise in Discussing Mental Health

Dr. Michele Kerulis shares her thoughts on how ABC’s new drama A Million Little Things could help to open dialogue around mental health and stigma.