Does Counseling Need to Address Bias in Psychological AI?

AI is reshaping how clients engage with counselors. But, even as AI becomes more effective, the implicit bias of programmers and counselors could limit its ability to serve those in need.

In the Aftermath of Conversion Therapy, Counselors Offer Healing Support

Although conversion therapy has been denounced by leading mental health organizations, the harmful practice is still legal in the majority of the United States. Counselors can help LGBTQ clients heal from the harm caused by conversion therapy. Rebuilding trust between clients and the counseling profession is often an important first step. 

Companies Discover Benefits of Caring for Employees' Mental Health

As younger generations feel less stigmatized about discussing and addressing mental health concerns in the workplace, employers will need to prioritize creating working environments that accommodate and support their employees’ mental health needs. Only about half of employed adults today believe that employers provide adequate resources to help address mental health concerns. 

This Counseling Awareness Month, Learn How Counselors Can Help Clients

Counselors help people by providing tools they can use throughout their lives when things get tough. From coping strategies with emotional struggles to decision-making and goal-setting around important developmental life events, there are a number of ways counselors can provide support. Here are 15 ways counselors can help clients. 

Boom in Aging Adults Could Overwhelm Mental Health Care Field

As Americans live longer and the overall population ages, the mental health care field will need to be better equipped to treat a population that is more likely to experience mental illness in their lifetimes and more likely to be newly diagnosed as an older adult.


The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

Caregiving can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. It is important for those looking after a loved one to recognize their own needs and seek assistance from counselors and support groups when necessary.