Finding Light and Love Amid the #MeToo Awakening

Society must balance the fight to end the secrecy of violence that plagues communities with the need to recognize the light and love in this world. This Valentine’s Day, instead of honoring romantic love, honor the love of helping others by recognizing amazing women who are dedicated to #ShatteringTheSilence and making the world a better place.

Students, Faculty Tackle the Future of Counseling at ACES Conference

The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision came to Chicago for four days of continuing education for counselors, master’s and doctoral candidates, and prospective students. Six faculty members and five students presented at the event, including Dr. Anita Neuer Colburn who received the Research in Counselor Education and Supervision Award.

How to Thrive at Holiday Parties While in Recovery

Holiday parties can provide a great time to catch up with loved ones and friends you haven’t seen in a while. However, for some, holiday parties can present an array of challenges—especially for those who struggle with addiction. Some people who are in recovery find the holidays to be a difficult time as they are surrounded by frequent social gatherings involving alcohol and anxiety-inducing situations. Here, we’ll provide steps you can to enjoy holiday parties, despite the stress that may accompany them.

How to Navigate Multicultural Holidays

Almost everyone knows about the typical holidays celebrated during the winter month but, there are many other holidays not traditionally celebrated that sometimes get forgotten. In being mindful, it is helpful to take an inventory of our personal willingness to be more aware of what others around us experience. This post provides questions and answers that you can apply this holiday season to learn more about both well- and lesser-known traditions, and open your mind beyond what you celebrate. 

How to Deal with Holiday Financial Stress

During this season, we are bombarded with holiday ads on TV, the radio, and in magazines telling us to buy more and more. It is easy to spend beyond your budget trying to meet holiday expectations for family and friends.  However, with the right strategies, there is hope that you—and your wallet—can enjoy greater holiday bliss.

Counseling@Northwestern Faculty Spotlight: Tonya Davis

Dr. Tonya Davis, assistant director of clinical training for The Family Institute at Northwestern University’s Counseling@Northwestern program, talks about the importance of clinical training, her career path, and Counseling@Northwestern’s unique approach to online learning.